WorkBeads Dsalt 300ml

WorkBeads Dsalt Bulk resin, 300 mL
SKU: 40360003
Manufacturer: BioWorks Ltd

Packaging sizes available: 300 ml, 1 L, 5 L and 10 L.

Also available in prepacked BabyBio Dsalt  1 ml and BabyBio Dsalt 5 ml columns for smaller sample sizes.

Proteins and many other biomolecules differ greatly in size from salts and other small molecules. Size exclusion chromatography is an efficient technique for separation of components according to size. WorkBeads Dsalt resin has an approximate exclusion limit of (Mr) 5 000 for globular proteins and large peptides, and 10 base pairs (bp) for nucleic acids. Substances that are larger than M5 000 do not enter the porous beads and are therefore eluted in the void of the column (early elution). Substances smaller than M5000 (e.g. salts, buffer substances and other low molecular weight additives or impurities) enter the bead pores. Consequently, these substances are delayed (late elution). This mechanism allows group separation of large substances from small substances. A protein can therefore be separated from salt and/or buffer substances in the sample and in the process be transferred into a solution of choice.WorkBeads Dsalt resin can be used for buffer exchange or desalting to prepare a sample, e.g. before mass spectrometry analysis, lyophilization and before/after ion-exchange chromatography. The separation is convenient and very fast and is an excellent alternative to dialysis when samples need to be processed rapidly to avoid degradation. The chromatography format is also completely scalable up to production scale. To minimize the dilution and still retain good separation, sample volumes up to approximately 30% of the total column bed volume are recommended. Desalting can be performed at high flow rates as the flow rate has only a minor impact on the resolution.

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Volume 300ml