Water purification systems Select edi 60

The Select edi 60 unit is compact, robust, simple to use, easy to maintain and inexpensive to run.
SKU: Select edi 60
Manufacturer: SUEZ

Additional features:

  • Guaranteed > 1MΩ.cm water quality (BS 3696 / ASTM type II/III)
  • Double pass RO pre-conditioning
  • Long life edi cell
  • Low maintenance
  • Low running costs.

Other features of the Select edi 60 include:

  • Space-saving, bench top or wall mounted systems
  • Optional 50 & 100 litre storage tanks
  • RO boost pump fitted as standard
  • USB port to download event data and upload software updates
  • Installation kit and all consumables
  • LCD colour touch screen panel
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Semi-automatic clean cycle
  • Remote display (optional)
  • Membrane degasser for enhanced edi performance.

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Products specifications
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