Thermal Cyclers TC1000-S

SKU: TC1000-S
Manufacturer: Dragon Lab


  • Unique design of block and multiple Peltier modules ensure temperature uniformity and repeatable results

  • 256 programs can be stored

  • 7” Large color touch screen, excellent graphical interface, easy programming with user friendly software

  • Large program storage memory

  • Innovative heating/cooling elements and drive circle design

  • High performance DSP and temperature control algorithm

  • Fast heating and cooling rates


 Sample Capacity

 96X0.2mL PCR tube; 8X12 PCR plate or 96 well plate

 Heating Temperature Range


 Lid Temperature Range


 Temperature Display Accuracy


 Temperature Control Accuracy[@55℃]


 Temperature uniformity[@55℃]


 Max. Heating/Cooling Rate


 Gradient Temperature Setting Range


 Gradient Range


 Adapter block material



 7” LCD 800x480mm


 Touch panel

 User defined file system

Max.30 segments 99 cycle

Max.16 folders with a max. of 16 files in each folder

 Power off protection 


 Power Supply






Dragon Lab is a professional manufacturer of high-quality laboratory instruments for research. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing general laboratory instruments, offering researchers unmatched performance and proven value.

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