Thermal Controls HC110-Pro

LCD digital Thermo Mix with heating, cooling,with 1pcs heating block for free (select a size in the )
SKU: HC110-Pro
Manufacturer: Dragon Lab


  • Precise temperature control of heating and cooling

  • 2-in-1 instrument with a combination of heating& cooling functions

  • 8 types of blocks with different capacities ranging from 0.2mL-50mL

  • 9 programs can be stored

  • Over heating protection and self-recognition of blocks


 Heating & cooling

 Temperature range

Heating: Room temp.-110°C

Cooling: Room temp.~below room temp. 25℃

 Temperature control accuracy [@20–45°C] 


 Temperature uniformity[@20–45°C] 

 Max. ±0.5°C

 Max. heating rate


 Max. cooling rate

 2.5°C /min(110°C-room temp.)

 0.5°C/min(below room temp.)





 Over temperature protection 


 Adapter block material


 Voltage, Frequency





 (without the heating block)





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