TCLP Filter 47MM 1810-047

TCLP Filter 47MM
SKU: 1810-047
Manufacturer: Cytiva
TCLP Limits Test Filter, 47 mm circle (100 pcs)
GE’s Whatman TCLP test filters are acid-treated with low metal content. They support TCLP testing by providing accurate information about TCLP limits to ensure the best possible disposal plan can be put into action.

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) is designed to predict the toxicity of hazardous waste. Industrial waste must comply with established TCLP limits to ensure that hazardous contaminants, known as landfill leachate, do not migrate into groundwater and threaten local drinking water sources.

By accurately characterizing the degree of contamination, material can be disposed of as safely and economically as possible.

TCLP limits
To dispose of hazardous waste in a United States municipal landfill, TCLP limits must fall within standard levels set for maximum contamination levels (MCLs). If MCLs are exceeded, the producer must dispose of the materials at a specialized hazardous waste facility, which increases costs significantly.

Acid-treated, low metal Whatman TCLP test filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business can help to determine what steps, if any, must be taken to mitigate landfill leachate risk.

Whatman TCLP test filters
TCLP-compliant test filters from GE come in six filter sizes for accurate landfill leachate modeling and sample analysis:

47 mm
90 mm
110 mm
125 mm
142 mm
150 mm
Products specifications
Media Glass Fiber
Diameter 47mm
Pack Size 100