Syringe Filters

MicroAnalytix offers an extensive range of syringe filters. Our syringe filters come in different diameters, pore sizes, and membrane types. Choose between sterile or nonsterile versions with or without prefilters.


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35mm Glass/Acetate 0.45um Syringe Filter MS SF35GCS045

MicroScience Syringe Filter 35mm Glass/Acetate 0.45um

35mm Glass fiber syringe filter MS SF35GPS045

35mm Glass fiber 1.0um/PES syringe filter, Non-Sterile PP housing 0.45um

Syringe 1ml Luer lock MSS3P01LL

1ml Syringe Luer lock sterile Box100

Syringe Filter 33mm SLGP033RS

33mm PES syringe filter, Sterile Acrylic housing 0.22um

Uniflo 25mm, 0.45um Nylon, Syringe Filter,1046-3442

Uniflo 25mm, 0.45um Nylon, Syringe Filter, Non-sterile

Whatman GD/X PP Syringe Filter 0.45um 6993-2504

Whatman™ 6993-2504 GD/XP™ 25 Syringe Filter with 0.45µm Depth Polypropylene Membrane, Diameter: 25mm (Pack of 1500)

13mm CA syringe filter, 0.20um 13CP020AN

13mm Cellulose Acetate, non-sterile, syringe filter, 0.20um

13mm CA syringe filter, 0.20um 13CP020AS

13mm Cellulose Acetate, sterile, syringe filter, 0.20um