ND 4 Water Distiller ND 4

Distilled water capacity lt./hr.4
Manufacturer: Nuve
  • • New design with distilled water storage tank
  • • Fully automatic operation with microprocessor control system
  • • Distilled water quality confirming the requirements of international pharmacopeia and bacteria and pyrogen free with minimized gassing
  • • Distilled water conductivity is approximately 2,5 μ Siemens/cm at 20ºC depending on the inlet water quality
  • • CO2 degassing through the gas exhaust pipe
  • • Safety system and warning leds for :

  • - High water pressure - Low water pressure - Heater failure
    - Half full storage tank - Full storage tank

  • • Water supply controlled by the solenoid valve which stops the water flow when the distilled water tank is full and the distillation is re-started when water tank is withdrawn
  • • Energy saving design by the distillation of heated cooling water
  • • Protected heaters against running dry
  • • Stainless steel heaters
  • • Boiling tank, storage tank and condenser made of stainless steel
  • • Suitable for bench and wall mounting
  • • Easy servicing to decrease maintenance time
  • • Supplied with siliphos cartridge filter to decrease calcification on the heaters


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