A world class range of membranes, syringe filters, glass fibre, filter papers and accessories for applications in Australia and New Zealand markets. Developed for and tested in local market conditions, the MicroScience range provides an assurance of product consistency, reproducibility, uniform performance and superior product integrity.

MicroScience Range offers a very broad range of membrane & media options exacting, reproducible filtration specifications and established quality control specification.


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Centrifuge Tube 50ml MicroScience 500pk 32104F

Centrifuge Tube 50ml MicroScience 500pk

Centrifuge Tube 50ml MicroScience 500pk RUN32104

Centrifuge Tube 50ml MicroScience 500pk

Chromatography Caps Scintillation vial 22RSP000-C

Caps, Scintillation vial, with silver foil, Packet 100

Chromatography Paper MS 1 46x57mm

Chromatography Paper 46X57cm sheets

Chromatography Paper No.1514A46x57

Chromatography Paper 46x57cm sheets

Cover slip 22x40 1.5type CS22X4015GP

Cover slip, 22x40, 1.5 thickness, Box 100

Coverslip No.1 22x22 CS22X22-1

Coverslip No.1 22x22

Coverslip No.1 22x22-1.5GP CS22X22-1.5GP

Cover slip, 22x22, 1.5 thickness, Box 100