Magnetic Stirrers & Hot Plates

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MS-H-S10 Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

10-Channel Classic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, stainless steel plate with silicone film,heating temperature up to 120°C

MS-M-S10 Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

10-Channel Classic Magnetic Stirrer

MS-PA Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer, plastic plate

MS-PB Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Classic Magnetic Stirrer, plastic plate

MS-S Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Classic 5’’ round Magnetic Stirrer,stainless steel with ceramic coated plate

Ultra-flat Compact Magnetic Stirrer FS-86532

Ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, provides better mixing and is ideal for the application of physical- chemical, analysis and biotech labs.