2 indiv.comp.cation test mixt. 2x8 mL 814205

Collection of 2 individual components of the cation test mixture
SKU: 814205
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel
This kit contains all chemicals required for the separation of:
Amino acids (test mixture, consisting of alanine, arginine, tryptophan and valine)
Amino acids in urine
Heavy metal cations copper(II) and manganese(II)
For the separations with kit F1, the materials kit TLC micro-set M is prerequisite.


Contents of TLC micro-set F1
1 manual
50 glass capillaries 1 µL
50 polyester sheets each of POLYGRAM® SIL G/UV254 and CEL 300, 4 x 8 cm
100 mL each of n-butanol, ninhydrin spray reagent (in ethanol), acetone, 25 % ammonia solution, rubeanic acid spray reagent (in ethanol)*
50 mL each of 50 % acetic acid, 18 % hydrochloric acid*
8 mL each of the amino acid test mixture (see above), arginine reference solution and tryptophan reference solution (each in water)
8 mL each of the heavy metal cation test mixture (see above), Mn(II) reference solution and Cu(II) reference solution (each in water)
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